our vision

Embracing our new life in Christ together... We are a family, redeemed in Christ, centered in His Word, and sent in His mission.

We want to embrace our new life identity as family: 

We are not orphans coexisting, we are adopted sons and daughters of the King; living out the ways of His reign together; called to love, care, support, and to hold each other accountable. As His family, we do life together, intentionally learning how to be His kind of family, and living out His ways. We learn as a family, where there is grace, love, examples, and support. As we learn is this context, we are then able to live it out when we are in the world.

We want to embrace our new life identity as those redeemed in Christ:

Through the cross, Jesus has redeemed us by paying the price for our sin, so that we can be freed. However, there is more! Redemption is also about healing, restoration, and reunion. When we give our lives to Christ, we are set free, but we also live into our redemption by faith as we surrender our brokenness of life and our ways. We let God heal our wounds, caused by others and imposed by us. We place our identity, ways, patterns, and behaviors with the identity He has given us and the ways and patterns of His kingdom. This is a life long journey of being a redeemed people who are being made new in Christ.

We want to embrace our new identity as those centered in His Word:

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God. In it, God has revealed what we need to know to be saved, The Story of Redemption, who He is, His heart, His plan, Who we are, how we are to live, and our part in His Story of redemption. Therefore, we continue to center our lives in His Word to be shaped by Him and live into what He is doing. 

We want to embrace our new life identity as those who are sent in His mission:

Jesus did not come to simply enhance our lives. He came to give us a new life with a new identity and purpose. As the Father sent Jesus to us in His mission of redemption, Jesus sends us to continue His earthly ministry of pursuing others to demonstrate and communicate the Good News of redemption in Him. As we do this, we are called to make disciples. Simply stated: We have been redeemed to join God in redeeming the lives around us.

This is our God given DNA that we are called to live


New Life Community Church is affiliated with the Reformed Church of America (RCA). For more information on the RCA, check out their website